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Fluid leak

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hi, first post so be gentle, 


Last year a bought a new 19 reg transit connect limited, and honestly its been a dog, with various electrical issues and water leaks into the cab, today it developed a new issue, whilst driving a fluid ( luminous green in colour) started to spray into the drivers foot well from behind her dash, i assumed it was clutch fluid, as at the same time it seemed to over rev every time I pressed the clutch, 


When I eventually go to the ford garage I was informed that it was engine coolant, and I should have been driving it, temp gauge showed no increase, and air con was working fine, , I really don't trust ford anymore, rant over..


Anyone any ideas





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Absolutely  go to an independent garage to get the van checked. Also ask them (independent) to check for any recalls and "service bulletins".  Photo copy all reciepts and work orders to show ford as your van should be under warranty. To the best of my knowledge you do NOT need to go to a ford dealer to get the work done and ford IS obliged to cover the costs. Verify this with Small Claims Court (or similar legal agency) !!!

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