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Don Ridley

Ecoboost blow-off valve w/recirculation

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I replaced the factory turbo blow-off valve with an upgraded blow-off valve w/recirculation by Boomba Racing. Boomba makes a valve and installation kit for 2014+ Fiesta ST that works perfectly for TC's with a 1.6L engine.




The Boomba valve still routes the blow-off pressure into the intake so you will not get a loud pressure relief sound when it opens. It does create a turbo compressor surge "flutter" sound when you back off the throttle.


Sounds like this (but not as loud)



The installation is easy but you will need an 8mm nut to attach the solenoid valve to the existing stud on the firewall. Here is the solenoid mounted to the firewall (viewed from the engine bay). 


The throttle response seems better. The turbo flutter sound is kinda cool but barely noticeable at highway speeds. I think it sounds like turkeys.




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It is difficult to tell if this made a difference in performance. I did NOT drive the TC hard, then modify, and drive hard again. And after adding the BRV of course I drove around and floored the throttle every chance I got so it naturally felt quicker  and faster. The turbo flutter sound definitely lets you know when the turbo was running so it is similar to having a loud exhaust: you get audible feedback when you punch the throttle.


I have a Focus RS air box so the flutter sound is louder than it would be with a stock air box. I also have a Flowmaster Turbo Transformer that increased the turbo boost pressure from about 15 psi to 19 psi. The Boomba pneumatically actuated valve will perform much better at higher pressures than the electrical solenoid with a return spring so there is a technical advantage that may or may not be necessary. Ford engineers spent a lot of time to make the turbo operation totally silent and maybe this sacrificed some performance. You can make the same argument for softer suspension springs....


Overall I am happy with this modification. It adds to the fun-factor of driving this $25K van that wants to be a sports car. And since I didn't drop $50K on an Audi or $40K for a Subaru I have plenty of disposable income to buy $200 items just for fun.


My wife is not impressed with the new noises.

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