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2017 TC Titanium Wagon Global Windows

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Just picked up a TC Wagon long wheel base Titanium.

The global windows open/close only works in the OPEN mode, they will not close.

I did the reset of them (twice) as specified in the manual, but they still will not close when you press and hold the lock button on the key FOB.

I had this same issue on my 2015 TC that the dealer could never resolve.

Took the van back to the dealer the next day, and they could not get them to work,  I have an appointment this Tuesday to have the service department have a look at it.

Anyone else have an issue with the global windows?

See Also my post from 2015: http://fordtransitconnectforum.com/topic/4561-global-windows-openclose/



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Global window close is apparently not approved/allowed for the North American market. Your TC is not faulty. You can add this feature and others by using Focccus or more Forscan.



The dealership probably won't or can't make this modification.

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You are the man....

I had written #184 in my notes on my 2015, but could not remember why.

Change setting #184 from  "not set or disabled" to "global open/close B-Max"

 I am pretty sure I can convince the dealer to turn this on.  (don't think they would want me to return the vehicle just for this)

If not, I will have to go the route you listed and get the stuff to program it myself.

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