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5 Passenger Trransit Connect

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Does anyone know if the 2014+ Transit connect are available with 5 passenger seating in either cargo or wagon trim? I dont care if it is long or short wheelbase but would love one with just a bench seat in 2nd row and the open cargo area behind that. I cant seem to find any definitive information anywhere. My ideal TC would be a long wheelbase in the cargo trim (vinyl floor in the rear) with a 2nd row bench seat with windowed sliding doors. I would think this would be a popular model for a work van that needs to bring more than one person with them. Does this exist?

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Not to my knowledge  -  No factory rear seats in any cargo model that I'm aware of, though how to install rear seats seems to be pretty popular question here


2014 and later SWB wagon models came with a 3 passenger rear bench seat.  It's a 60/40 arrangement and it's in 2 pieces, both of which were designed to be easily removed and reinstalled in just a couple minutes with no tools.  You can take out either the 40 piece, the 60 piece or both but if you just temporarily need more space and don't care to remove the seats completely, the seat backs fold flat and then the seats fold vertically so they 'stand' just behind the front bucket seats  -  You don't even have to remove the head rests. You end up with an almost empty van, missing only about a foot of space where the vertical seats are stored.  That gives you a flat floor for cargo all the way to the back door.  When we travel, we frequently remove the 40 side, stand the 60 side vertical behind the passenger bucket seat and fill the van up with cargo.  That way, when we get where we're going, if we need to haul 4 people, we can just by setting the 60 side back down and opening it up


The seats are a really neat design.  The seat belts are built into them, even the shoulder belt for the center person and yet you can pop them out of the van in just a minute or two  -  They ARE pretty heavy though



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