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2014+ Anyone have issues with water getting into engine compartment?

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Somehow my 2015 TC ended up with water underneath the valve cover - like around a quart, according to the dealer.

I had around 34K trouble free miles.

Van began having a cold start issue - rough idle, would cut out once or twice, then it'd start and stay smooth - maybe not quite as responsive.  Starter sounded fine. Felt a lot like a fuel supply issue. Did this in the morning for a few days, I made an appointment at dealer - check engine light did not come on until the morning I was taking it in.


I get a call later in the day and the tech is wondering how water got into the area.  I was mystified.  It hadn't rained much for at least a couple of weeks and I hadn't cruised through any big puddles - no recent car wash, either. I racked my brain and couldn't remember anything out of the ordinary in the recent past.  


They're replacing a few coils, plugs, and a sensor to get it running well again - under warranty, thankfully.


The dealer still needs to have a 3rd party water test done to prove to Ford that it's not leaking. My service tech thinks it may be a design flaw - that a good splash from a puddle by the front passenger tire could shoot water right up into the offending area.  I don't know his reasoning and I'm still waiting on return of the van so I can't check it out.


Anyone have any experience/ideas?


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I know there was a issue with the 2.0 where the plug well could fill up with water  if the boot was not right . This could cause water to  enter the engine through the valve cover. How many times did they have to change the oil to  get the  traces of water out?

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