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Hello all. I joined to gather information on CNG transits.  I want one to commute the SF Bay Bridge in (qualifies for white sticker) I will search the threads but if there is anything that anyone would like to share (mpgge, repairs, tank sizes, what year) I would love the info. 


I found a couple out of state I could travel to and buy.   I currently drive a Honda gx CNG and it's awesome but because of the new laws, I need to get another CNG vehicle that has never had a HOV sticker yet. (It's COMPLICATED in CA).


Does anyone have one for sale near the bay area? (Without a HOV decal)


Does anyone know where they have a glut of them used?  (Really used and really cheap preferably)  


Does anyone really want to talk me out of this?


I'm here to listen. Please enlighten me. 



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I have a 2015 transit that was cng but I removed everything, it was the Westport system.  I might be willing to sell everything then you could have it installed in a new vehicle as a cheaper alternative if you found an installer that would let you bring your own parts.  


But I didnt think that a transit conversion would qualify for California HOV plates because it is dual fuel, and to qualify the car must be CNG dedicated fuel only.  But what do I know, I live in the midwest

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