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Accessing Fuse Panel in passenger compartment

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Hi,  I have a 2015 Ford Grand Tourneo Connect

it is UK spec RH Drive

There is apparently a fuse panel somewhere

in the front passenger well/ bulkhead


I cannot find it - if it is behind he glove box how

do you access it. Do you need to take out the Glove Box?


and if that is the case what's the process for removing said glove box.




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I have a US 2015 Transit Connect so not exactly the same, but here's mine. The photo is looking straight up from the floor mat, bottom edge of glove box is at the top of the photo.


You don't actually need to remove the glove box but it does help. There is a cover that can be released to expose the fuse box. To remove the cover, you need to remove the round black pin (one on each side) seen in the photo below. Pry under the head (there are slight recessed areas seen at the roughly 11to1 and 5to7 o-clock positions) and it will pop out about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. That will let the expanded outer sides underneath to collapse and the pin can be pulled out freeing the panel to drop down. If you do much work with these type of pins, a set of push pin pliers and panel clip pliers from Harbor Freight is well worth the $20 for both. 



They make it a lot easier to remove the pins, although access room for the tool can sometimes be an issue.


On my US 2015 Transit Connect Wagon, you can remove the glove box by removing the hinge pins then tilting the box slightly so the side catches clear the sides. The hinge pins are very hard to see and I didn't figure them out until after I had cracked the plastic slots on one side. You almost have to stick your head all the way in the foot well and look almost directly up to see them.


If your Euro Tourneo is the same setup, you should be able to see the black heads of the pins on the hinge ends closest to the center of the glove box. Work a pry bar or screwdriver under the heads and push them towards the middle. There is a raised area on the pins that helps lock the pin in place, but it will slid out with just a firm force. No clip to be pried or anything. That's how I cracked mine, trying to pry the raised part of the pin down into the slot thinking that would release the pin.


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