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Vehicle Health Report - Yes or No

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So I'm a bit confused about whether my 2017 Transit Connect Titanium Wagon has the ability to generate Vehicle Health Reports. This is "supposed" to be a "standard" feature of all Sync equipped Ford vehicles 2010+.


I had a text chat with someone at Ford through their support web site and she says it is possible but I do not see the option for it when I set everything up with my phone etc. 


And I do get a pop up on the web site that says it does not have the feature.


Getting two different stories is not really good customer support...


Anyone else know?

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You need to have a Sync Owner account set up and your phone connected to your Sync system to be able to use the phone to send the vehicle health report via an email to the address provided in your sync account. Once both are set up, while the vehicle is parked but still running, you just have to hit the voice recognition button and say "Vehicle Health Report" to generate and send the report. At least that's how I do it.


Here's a copy/paste (cleaned up and options table converted to list) from the manual for my 2015 TC XLT (page 287):


Vehicle Health Report
WARNING: Always follow scheduled maintenance instructions, regularly inspect your vehicle, and seek repair for any damage or problem you suspect. Vehicle Health Report supplements, but cannot replace, normal maintenance and vehicle inspection. Vehicle Health Report only monitors certain systems electronically monitored by your vehicle and will not monitor or report the status of any other system, (such as brake lining wear). Failure to perform scheduled maintenance and regularly inspect your vehicle may result in vehicle damage and serious injury. 

Note: This feature is only available in the United States.
Note: Your Vehicle Health Report feature requires activation before use. Visit www.SYNCMyRide.com to register. There is no fee or subscription associated with Vehicle Health Report, but you must register to use this feature.

Note: This feature may not function properly if you have enabled caller ID blocking on your cellular phone. Before running a report, review the Vehicle Health Report Privacy Notice.
Note: In order to allow a break-in period for your vehicle, you may not be able to create a Vehicle Health Report until your vehicle odometer has reached 200 miles.

Note:Cellular phone and SMS charges may apply when making a report.


Register for Vehicle Health Report and set your report preferences at www.SYNCMyRide.com. After registering, you can request a Vehicle Health Report (inside your vehicle). Return to your account at www.SYNCMyRide.com to view your report. You can also choose for SYNC to remind you automatically to run reports at specific mileage intervals.


The system allows you to check your vehicle's overall health in the form of a diagnostic report card.

The Vehicle Health Report contains valuable information such as:
• Vehicle diagnostic information
• Scheduled maintenance
• Open recalls and Field Service Actions
• Items noted during vehicle inspections by an authorized dealer that still need servicing.

You can run a report (after your vehicle has been running a minimum of 60 seconds) by pressing the voice button and saying "Vehicle Health Report", or pressing the phone button. 
To run a report using the phone button:
1. Press the phone button to enter phone menu.
2. Scroll to select Vehicle Health, and then press OK.
3. Scroll to select from the following options:


Vehicle Health Report options:
1. User Preferences: Press OK to select and enter the menu. Scroll to select from:

     a. Automatic Reports: Press OK to and select On or Off. Select On to have SYNC automatically prompt you to run a health report at certain mileage intervals. (You must first turn this feature on before you can select the desired mileage interval.)
     b. Mileage Intervals: Press OK. Scroll to select between 5000, 7500 or 10000-mile intervals and press OK to make your selection.
     c. Return: Press OK to exit the menu.
2. Run Report?

      Press OK for SYNC to run a health report of your vehicle's diagnostic systems and send the results to Ford where it combines with scheduled maintenance information, open recalls and other field service actions and vehicle inspection items that still need servicing from an authorized dealer.

3. Return: Exit the current menu.

Vehicle Health Report Privacy Notice
When you create a Vehicle Health Report, Ford Motor Company may collect your cellular phone number (to process your report request) and diagnostic information about your vehicle. Certain versions or updates to Vehicle Health Report may also collect more vehicle information. Ford may use your vehicle information it collects for any purpose. If you do not want to disclose your cellular phone number or vehicle information, do not run the feature or set up your Vehicle Health Report profile at www.SYNCMyRide.com. See www.SYNCMyRide.com (Vehicle Health Report Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Statement) for more information.

Edited by DonShockley

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It doesn't really do anything of value unless you service your van at the dealer (you used to be able to get coupons, not sure if that's still true). I have it turned off on my van.

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Interestingly I have Sync3 with the Navigation and need to use the FordPass app on the phone to get even close to it working but I only see "Health Alerts" as an option not "Vehicle Health Reports".


The person I text chatted with said with Sync3 that it was initially not doing the health reports but should be now. But it is not working as she said it should be. Seems odd on a top end equipped model that this feature would be hobbled since it seems to be working on lower trim levels.


Link to Sync3 instructions: https://owner.ford.com/how-tos/sync-technology/sync-3/vehicle-health/how-to-receive-vehicle-health-alerts-and-reports-through-sync-3-applink-and-fordpass.html


I can see everything but the Vehicle Health Report options.

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