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Steering Wheel Control signaling wires

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I have installed steering wheel control interfaces (like the Axxess ASWC-1) in other vehicles with no problems. I'm looking to do the same with this vehicle in order to retain steering wheel controls for the audio along with an aftermarket radio. Does anyone know what wire(s) those are and where to find them? Do I need to tap into those directly off of the steering wheel?

My particular 2016 TC wagon has no navigation.

Also, I was testing the wires with my multimeter for accessory power and didn't find one that was OFF when the key is out, and comes on in position 1 (acc). Is there another lead that comes on in position 1 acc that you can direct me to?





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I am not sure how the steering wheel controls interface with the head unit (ACM in the schematic). The FCDIM must respond to the voltages produces by the switches. I can't find any schematics for the FCDIM. This is probably not much help.

steering wheel control.pdf

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