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The reason I'm here once again, is because I'm always searching for new things & new products. In this instance, I've been speaking with FlowMaster Mufflers (the only one that was willing to speak with me) Here's what we've been talking about. Upon the purchase of the van, I wasn't pleased with the bad forward tilted & too low resonator.

Flowmaster thinks they can help with this by swapping one of their oval mufflers. It's unclear which model muffler they're referring to. However, if this interested you as much as it does me.. Send your comments and support toBrandon ( brandon.janssen@dpbrands.com ) via Flowmaster in an effort to get this muffler tested or even installed on your TC. GL

Update: July 20th 6:00 AM EST

Just got another email from Brandon via Flowmaster, he feels that the Super HP2 (shorty) can be used as a replacement resonator & their DBX used as the muffler for the 2014 - Current Transit Connect. However, I sent him this pic, showing how the TC's exhaust system is set up. Not sure he's aware of how the muffler is resting sideways under the van.. 

Question: Is this something you'd be willing to try on your TC?.. comment below.

The search for a performance muffler continues...



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A good muffler shop can simply cut off section 6 & section 11, then weld in a couple of glasspacks.

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