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Removing second Row 7-passenger?

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Hello all im new,

I cant for the life of me find anything pertaining to this, and was hoping someone had some insight.

I currently use a 2015 TC Wagon Titanium LWB for work, unfortunately due to availability and price, my company purchased the Wagon version instead of the Van, BUT who am I to complain, I still love it.

Now, I removed the 3rd row seats no sweat, only 8 (Torx 50) bolts and viola! EZ PZ.

On to my next task, Ok.. time to take out the 2nd row.. cannot... figure it.. out..

The 5 passenger SWB TC has easy instructions on how to remove the second row, but I cant find anything pertaining to the 7 passenger version.

I'm REEEEEALLY hoping I will be able to, cause I need all the room I can take. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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thanks very much exactly what i was looking for

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