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  1. Gary Roe

    Sofa Bed

    If you’re looking for the most customizable option, maybe Ashley Furniture Signature Design Zeb Contemporary Sleeper Sofa is a good choice. It comes with the choice between three different mattress sizes and four different colors. The included mattress also consists of memory foam. This feature means the level of comfort you’d expect from a regular bed would now come from your sofa bed as well. The sofa consists of lovely looking polyester/nylon upholstery, which is both soft and durable.
  2. Gary Roe

    Oil Change

    A must have lubricant for your slide out. I apply Camco Slide-Out Lube twice a year. It protects the membrane that seals you RV and slide out from rain, U.V., etc.. It also promotes a nice quiet movement when you are extending or retracting your slide. I don't go to much trouble prepping the weatherstripping. A simple wash job , allow to dry, spray on lubricant and let it soak in.
  3. Gary Roe

    Installing an RV roof vent/fan

    You will need to measure the dimensions of your existing fan carefully. Although most RV vent fans are 14-inch x 14-inch, you should measure it again just to be on the safe side. You will need to remove the knobs and screws that hold the fan’s plastic shroud inside the recreational vehicle. After removing all the screws, the cover should just drop down. You just join them using clips to not even strip and join the wires later. Set the power supply wire aside so that it will not get in the way of the new fan, but make sure that you can still reach it later. This is the ways I installed my rv vent fan. If you need detail information, I will help you. https://vogeltalksrving.com/best-rv-vent-fans/#more-2220