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  1. My wireless charger doesnt work

  2. My 2019 FTC Cargo Van is experiencing intermittent problems with the radio freezing (screen and function), the crash avoidance system working (displaying alert) unprovoked and what many would describe as "hard shifts" with the ol transmission. Also, I almost forgot, the brakes are extremely sensitive (like a tractor without a trailer connected to it). However, none of these problems have been significant enough nor occurring often enough to compel me to hand her over to the local dealerships. Sadly should she be dressed in green and yellow and drink hydraulic fluid by the barrel I would have more confidence in the results of repairs. Has anyone else noticed their FTC acting up like this?
  3. elytonobserver

    Running TC at idle

    Hello Candlestick (somewhat ironic) was looking for post reflecting portable a/c in FTC's when I ran across your inquiry about fuel consumption and uh...you know, leaving your loved one(s) in the vehicle with the a/c on. I have been a life-long resident (or at least maintained a residence) of the Deep South and cant begin to remember the amount of times we (me and your pick of my ex-wives) enjoyed an array of activities i.e. dinning out while our pets (Boston Bulls and Great Danes) slept comfortably and safely secured in a locked climate controlled FORD vehicle! I will however suggest that one should check periodically on the vehicle at your discretion.
  4. elytonobserver


    Super detail work. I agree your mod certainly looks factory to me!
  5. elytonobserver

    Greetings from the Wiregrass!

    There we go!
  6. elytonobserver

    Greetings from the Wiregrass!

    you guys are going to have to school me on the correct usage, as well as, the proper etiquette for forumming. Anyways to PhotoAl; I had a chance to purchase a 2017 RS new in mid 2018 (when i got the last ST) WAY TOO MUCH CAR for public roads! Where I live now, as opposed to the largest city where I lived for some time in our state, there are no interstate hi-way systems (yep none, lots of peanuts, corn, cotton....) and no suitable legit racetrack. Sooo, there's just no safe place to operate a piece of performance machinery within limits around here! Please find enclosed pics. You may recognize the backdrop of the 2016 ST. OK, I goofed it. That's my '18 that I traded in for my FTC. AND I've used up my allotted MB's! The pic I wanted you to see was my '16 ST white w/red rally stripes parked on a curb in front of a fairly well known stadium entrance at our states BCS Domination football team. Here's a hint, them stripes wasn't available in Crimson! To Double Nickels; I am in the process of training my FTC to keep her rpm's up while taking every advantage of employing the disguise of an industrial art's workin van, when I'm actually scouting for new fishing spots!
  7. elytonobserver

    Greetings from the Wiregrass!

    Double Nickels, I have turned wrenches @ the dealership level and earned an Associates Degree with Ford Motor Company back in the early 90's. I recon I was making them money coming and going!
  8. elytonobserver

    Greetings from the Wiregrass!

    Hello Everyone, I am a new member and proud owner of a 2019 Ford Transit Connect Cargo Van! I have been a Ford exclusive consumer since 1982 mostly owning F-150's with a couple of Explorers and Edge Sports mixed in. Then I got old and intrigued with the R&D of the Focus RS rumored to make its way across the Atlantic in 2014. That's when I began to plan for purchasing a ST for training purposes, then try to find a RS. The ST's kinda racked up a '15, two '16's and finally the last year they were produced a '18. I grew tired of dodging deer, stopping for Armadillo and praying I didn't run over an already dead hog! So, I finally employed some wits about me and traded a one trick pony for my ultra versatile FTC! So far I have removed the passenger seat to make room for a cot and portable a/c unit. Paired with a small boat and trailer I am having a lot of fun camping and fishing. I am excited to read post to get new ideas of how I can further effect mods to get even more enjoyment from my FTC.