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  1. Just did this on my 14 ecoboost. Bought ebay leather wheel with all the controls. (including the bluetooth/audio stuff I don't have the head unit for) Wheel swap was easy. Unhook airbag clips using the video above. Unclip harnesses. The two airbag harnesses are double-retained with little plastic clips, careful. Set airbag aside. Remove single bolt holding the wheel. It has a single drop of blue threadlocker on it, so it takes a bit of force to break it free, then it comes out easily. Carefully note which way you have the wheel turned. A small yank released mine, no puller needed. There are 2 plastic pins that index with the wheel, these are likely for stability control wheel position sensors. The clockspring will spin freely with the wheel removed - don't spin it, you'll lose your place. Place new wheel on center pin. Plastic wheel position pins should fit right into the holes. Put a dab of blue threadlock on center bolt. Reinstall bolt. I torqued mine to 29ft/lbs - based on a number I found on my phone for a different ford - I don't even remember which one. Maybe a Fiesta. Tried to program with a cheap wifi obd2 reader using the instructions on page2 (laptop was plugged into ethernet for the download). It went all the way through, and failed on the write. Multiple times. Ordered OBDLink SX USB on amazon, carefully using the OBDLink store. Drove another 1500 miles without cruise. Grr. Obdlink sx (USB) arrived at the office while we were 200 miles away. Co-worker that was helping me went by the office to get the new OBDLINK. He sent me these photos.