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  1. Chris Rogers

    2014+ TC Manual Conversion

    lol! more for the surprise factor
  2. Chris Rogers

    2014+ TC Manual Conversion

    seeing a 2.0 turbo was dropped in theer that tells me that the base floor of these is Focus . Perfect for me as I am in the process of working out a B pillar forward literal swap of the Focus RS. these vans are plentiful in the auction yards as are the Focus Variants. current train of thought is the 2.3 turbo in stock guise, 6sp manual, brakes,wheels, full dash and seats. disable a few things that are not going to carry over. this post is what sealed it for me. I came from a Opel Combo C that I dropped a full Corsa C SRi into many years ago (I bought the van new in 2006) and that was a fun thing to drive and work from. I did some suspension work on it so that when empty I could toss it around in the mountains.. the goal with this one is similar . work van ( I am in the 12v automotive industry with a EE degree) that I can go have some fun with should I decide to. Focus RS related stuff seems to be readily available and surprising the kid with the mustang beside you at the traffic lights with a bog stock looking van with a light sneeze is my idea of fun at times. I already have a 'wet' van so next is to find a side /rear hit Focus RS.
  3. Chris Rogers

    Upgrade instrument cluster 2016

    what was different about the Focus item? researching this currently along with a few other related items.