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  1. My 2013 TC XLT has the defrost icons on the mirrors but they never light up. Does my van have this option ? If it does, then when does it activate ? It does not seem to work with the defrost button for the back windows. there's been frosty weather many times already ( below freezing ) If the van has this,,are they automatic ? I'm guessing that if the icon is on the mirror, then the heaters are there also,, So maybe there's a relay or module i can just add in somewhere ?
  2. Dacflyer

    2013 connect XLT Weak heat.

    I have a 2013 connect, the van takes for ever to heat up. i can start it in the morning, and in about 10-15 min the temp gauge is in the normal center position, but the heat is luke warm, I can drive it about 10 min to work, and the heat is a bit warmer, but still not as it should be. I can park it for 5 min and then drive it again and the heat is pleasant by then. Is this the nature of the system ? I've had smaller cars ( Geo Metro 3 cyl ) that heated up way faster. At work we had a 2015 F550 truck that had weak heat as well, but if you reved the engine hard 1 or 2 times it heated up fine, but if you were at a stop light or such, the heat got cold again.. The dealership futzed with it over a year before they got it fixed I never did find out what it'd issue was. Any tips i can try to get the heat working in my van better? it's only got 42K on it, and all fluids are up to level and clean still. so i highly doubt there's any clog in the heater core. I'm thinking it''s either bad circulation or a air bubble in the system, if so, how do i burp it out ?
  3. I found out, that I do have defrost mirrors, but there's no indicator that lights up for them, and the switch is connected in with the rear window defroster switch. I just had to wait til it was cold enough to find out..
  4. Does anyone know how to remove the instrument panel ? Is it relatively easy ? I do not want to take the whole dash apart if i don't have to. I remember that the S500 Mercedes was really easy, the cluster just popped out. I am wanting to modify the leds in some of the indicators if possible. I do work on electronics, so i am capable to do the work if it's possible. Mainly i want to replace the Pea Green leds with a richer emerald green color. and brighter leds for the turn signal indicators. you can't see them too well in the daylight.
  5. Dacflyer

    2013 TC XLT Instrument removal help.

    Sorry i never got a notification for this. Thanks for the information. Removing the IC doesn't look as hard as I thought. I'll keep ya posted on what i find.. I'm guessing the lights in the IC are led.
  6. I'm sure it''s cheap materials and I'm sure they are the OEM brakes since the miles are so low on this van. Was just wondering if the recall would still be valid.. save some bucks. I'm going to get it fixed either way. but if the dealer will cover it then i'll do it. I guess i'll just have to call em up and see..
  7. oh, ok, perhaps it is fuel related.. I had a Geo Metro that had a fuel pump go bad. I got a replacement pump and a filter. ( little did I know i should have gotten a new sock as well to go on the pump) I replaced this and all was fine til I was over 2 hrs away from home and the car started to loose power. Fuel presser was down to nothing. I though the new pump went bad already. Later i learned....ALWAYS New Pump, New sock filter. I was mad that the parts guy didn't sell me one.. Had to drop the tank all over again. not sure if you have a bad filter issue or dirty fuel pump filter ( sock ) maybe something gives you a clue. Good luck
  8. I have checked the drums ( On both sides ) the shoes and drums are silky smooth, plenty of pad on the shoes, no gouges or nothing,, they look perfect.. I drove a large line truck at work for years ( yes it was a ford also ) and the brakes would squeel like hell til they got warm. some days i rode the brakes til they got warm, then they were good the rest of the day. The mechanic said they were fine..just how they are.. But this shouldn't be the case in a passenger vehicle. Maybe it's the quality of the shoes ?
  9. did you ever find a solution to this ? I am not too familiar with the engine on this vehicle, but it may be ignition related. i had a vehicle that would crank and run great, but once it got warm it sputtered and died. there's only a few sensors are are critical to engine running. other sensors will allow the car to run in limp mode, but the crank sensor and cam sensors are critical. i thought the car had a bad crank sensor, but that wasn't it. it turned out to be a bad distributor cap. newer engines are lacking distributors, but you might have a ignition coil going bad, or ignition related issue. Just a thought.
  10. I have a 2013 with this issue. brakes on the right rear make that horrible metal on metal sound when they are cold, but after braking a few times they are warm enough that they stop, but you can also hear the mechanics of the brakes squeek as you let off the brakes. Would this recall still be honored this many years later ? the van has barely 38K on it.. it had 32K on it when i bought it..
  11. I get fist fulls of relays at the junk yard, i pay a $2.00 entry fee, so i grab things that will never be bought ( bulbs , fuzes and repays )
  12. I have a 2013 Transit Connect XLT The key FOB for my van doesn't always want to lock when i use it, I read somewhere that the body and the metal window screens will shield the signal. My van has the screens in the back and sides. I have to practically hold the fob to the window to get the van to lock sometimes. Does anyone know where this receiving antenna is located in the van? I'm thinking to find a way to make reception better. (Yes i do have electronic experience ) Other question is..under my rear view mirror , on the glass part there is an area that looks like there might be a electronic module. Does anyone know what it is ?
  13. Dacflyer

    Rear Sensor alert tone

    does anyone know if this module is a stand alone unit or does it integrate with the cars computer? I'm asking because i am thinking to add more sensors for side of vehicle warning ( if something is too close to the sides ) These would also be handy for a front bumper as well when parking in tight spaces.
  14. I didn't like the incandescent lights in my 2013 TC XLT. I 1st tried to use some direct replacement led lamps, but the color tone was horrible, They were an icy cold bluish light, made the inside of my van look like a freezer, and to boot they didn't provide enough light like I wanted in my van. when it's dark out, I WANNA SEE. So being into electronics as I am, i decided to gut the stock lights, and convert them into led lights that were bright and of a pure white, bout the same color as a cool white fluorescent lamp. It was a little tricky to get it all to mount properly, But it worked. I got the rear, middle light installed, The front light i just converted an old RV style fluorescent fixture into led as well. It looks really great when all lit up. My lights don't stay on for 10 min like everyone else has reported, they go out after a min or so. But if the door is left open for over 15 min, they will turn off as well, even if i have the lights turned on manually via the ( door-off-on ) switch.
  15. Bout the lock button in the van.. I later learned that all i had to do was unlock the door on my side.. I didn't realize it was right by the handle, and it's a lever not a button.. As for the rear doors, the yellow lever is only a unlock button, you can't manually lock it.. as soon as i push it down it pops right back up a second later. even if the door is closed.
  16. On my van I am wanting to install some led strobe lights, I was having a horrible time to find an access point, until I read this thread. On my 2013 TC XLT the access hole under the dash is covered with just a piece of tape, Hmmm. But when I peeled it back to investigate it, i see 2 oval holes, no rubber plugs. Would anyone happen to know what the ford part number would be for these plugs ? And also..under the hood, I'd have never have found that access hole, it's practically behind the fuse box. I spent almost 45 min under the van looking for an access, Almost got stuck getting all jammed up in there trying to find a spot. seems they are making it to where it is almost impossible to put anything thru the firewall.. Also with my 2013, what so called Generation is mine ? I see a lot about gen 1,2,3 etc. Thanks..
  17. azdamay >>> i tried the link you posted, but it seems to not work any more. Thanks for the info on how to change the lock modes. I'm a happy camper now.. i do wish there was a lock / unlock button in the van.. when i go to pick up a friend. the doors are locked, and i have to reach over to unlock the passenger door. is there a door lock / unlock button in the van ? if there is, i haven't seen it yet. i only had it less than 2 months so far, and i really like this van. (2013 Transit Connect XLT - fully loaded )