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  1. While researching aftermarket rail and rack options, I came across this company in Turkey. Looks like decent manufacturing. 3 cross bars. I literally just ordered one, so will be excited to see how it works out. What was interesting to me was the rails are basically L track, like what is used to secure airplane loads. Should be versatile enough for me to load kayaks onto. The brand is TURTLE http://turtlecancarry.com/ https://turtlecancarry.de/ Ebay listing: https://www.ebay.com/itm/To-Fit-2014-Ford-Transit-Tourneo-Connect-LWB-Roof-Rails-Roof-Rack-Black/323761409103?epid=20029726155&hash=item4b61af0c4f:g:7s0AAOSwB6ZcsuYL Listed at $380 from Germany, I'm paying $275 (shipped) from Turkey to Michigan, via the email address in the Youtube comments. I was originally thinking of doing a Unistrut system for rails, but wasn't confident on how many mounting points to use, and whether or not the roof curves front to back or is level, then got the price for this rack and just went for it.