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  1. Our pups... Lilly is the black dog, Tripp in the middle and Leia on the left... Lilly is a Certified therapy dog and also has her canine good citizen.
  2. Dog crate project. We have a 16 LWB, we removed the third row of seats and built a platform that has storage underneath. Everything is easily removable in the event we would need to get a large item with the van. In fact the rear crates, platform and storage containers can stay in place when using the second row of seating for passangers. Since we have three dogs and the front crate (2nd part of this) project should be complete by the weekend, pictures to follow. The platform is made form aluminum uni-strut, closed cell foam tape, birch plywood and rubber matting underneath the crates make rattles non existent. Some pictures of the crates with the seats removed, the frame installed, second row seat up and completed project.
  3. bug512

    New 16 TC LWB XLT owner here

    Hello, new to the forum. My Wife Ginger and I picked up a 16 TC LWB XLT with 31,000 miles to replace our Subaru Forester. This is our third car or as we say our dogs and our weekend car. I plan on making some modifications with the removal of the third row seat and making some storage underneath the dog crates. We currently have three pups (Lilly, Tripp and Leia). We love getting outdoors with them and training. My Wife is a Certified Dog Trainer and Lilly is a Certified Therapy Dog, I handle Lilly during her visits. Other then that we love the outdoors, currently we have a 1997 Jayco popup, she is only an 8' box and weighs under #1500. She towed well behind the Subaru so I'm sure the TC will also do fine. Racks are on order for Kayaks on the roof. Look forward to sharing modifications along with trying to help some other folks out. Thanks ! Gene