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  1. Yeah, only a 4 cylinder but it has plenty of low end torque. When my van is full of stuff or passengers, it has no problems in stop and go traffic. I put the seats flat and carry cargo fairly easily. I was thinking about getting a new hood latch when mine doesn't close good sometimes. This looks like all Ford OEM parts here. https://www.southfloridafordparts.com/oem-parts/ford-latch-dt1z16700a Can somebody let me know if that's the correct part or is there another place to be looking? They got all kinds of diagrams for tons of parts for my van on here. Now that my miles are getting up there, I want to be ready to start getting parts.
  2. VictorsFlowerDelivery

    Rear backup camera

    Mine is the XLT and I love it. I was reading some place else that some people needed to install the Forscan app and change settings to get backup cameras to work on some Fords. Is that true for Transit Connects? I downloaded the Forscan app for my phone. I bought a Bluetooth ODBII dongle but it won't pair properly. I'm sending it back to get another one. I would do whatever you could to get that backup camera working. I use mine every day and let me tell you, it's so worth having. If I couldn't do it, I would take the van to a stereo shop and get an aftermarket radio installed and get them to install a camera for you if you have to.
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    First break down

    I have a 2016 Ford Transit that has over 50k miles that we use for delivery. A couple weeks ago we had our first real break down. The water pump was leaking water and it messed up the belt. The belt broke and was in pieces all over. Our mechanic charged us $500 to fix everything. Other than that, it's been a great truck. I only wish it had SYNC 3 instead of the SYNC I have now. The handling is amazing. It doesn't even feel like you're driving a van when you go around corners. Ford did an amazing job. I checked out the Dodge Promaster, the little Nissan truck and the Mercedes Metro. I think the Ford had the best value of them all. Great build quality. $500 in repairs in 50,000+ miles doesn't seem to be too bad.