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  1. Polancoay

    Rear backup camera

    It is commercial XL. The radio package not sure. All I know is that when I put it on reversed it gives me an error that there is no camera found.
  2. Polancoay

    Rear backup camera

    Hi I m new on this website, I just bought my first TC 2017. The rear camera is in installed but not workin. I m looking on information of how to get it to work. I believe I m missing some parts, but not sure what is it. The dealer said I’m missing a socket, but somebody told me I m missing the camera control module which it should be install in the back door. All I have in the rear door is the wires for the camera. (Black and red for power , and the rca yelllow cable for video. Two male connectors that are coming from the cabin. One has only two cables and the other has 6 wires. Blue, gree, white blue, white and two black. Thx