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  1. Mike Walton

    new to forum

    Welcome, camber.
  2. Mike Walton

    New to Forum - Hello!

    Welcome to the forum. I also am a musician: guitarist, singer-song writer. I got tired of trying to fit all my gear into my Escort wagon, and purchased a 2012 Transit Connect. It's a shorter wheelbase than the newer ones, but sufficient fory needs at this time. I like the unique Euro boxy looks.
  3. I saw in another thread that lighter, front PowerPoint, and rear PowerPoint each use a different fuse...in North American vehicles in contradiction of the owners manual. Has anyone discovered the fuse number for these three items?
  4. Does front 12v powerpoint and lighter on 2012 TC use the same fuse? My lighter and rear powerpoint work and front does not. I suspect the wire is unplugged, but looks like a real pain to access.
  5. Mike Walton

    Pine tree pitch battle..best solution

    I retired from a Ford assembly plant where our cars became speckled with particles of paint overspray, we used that same method with good results.
  6. That is impressive mileage you went on that engine. The body on the van still looks very good, these are tough vans!
  7. Mike Walton

    New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    The screenshot is in my previous post, I couldn't add the text after I uploaded the image. I see it on my end. It sounds like yours is going to be very nice.
  8. Mike Walton

    New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    This is the screenshot of the after when I found it. Who could be better to buy a vehicle from than Jesus?!!
  9. Mike Walton

    New to me 2012 Transit Connect

  10. Mike Walton

    New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    It looks like it will be a good setup for you with the planned modifications. I think my wife wants to head out in the Ozarks for some overnight camping in ours in the future. So sorry to hear about your tragic accident and loss of leg. Keep me posted on how the project works out.
  11. Mike Walton

    New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    Thanks for the reply. The truck duties around here are handled by my 4x4 Ranger, my wife's ride is a '14 Focus which gets better gas mileage than my Harley. Most of the used TCs around here were cargo, only seating for two. I found an excellent one with seating for passengers when needed, yet folded leaves plenty of room for my gear.
  12. Mike Walton

    New to me 2012 Transit Connect

    I purchased my van about a month ago to more easily transport my amps, pa, and assorted music gear to gigs. I play gospel, country, 60's rock and roll at no charge at nursing homes in the Kansas City area. Any other musicians out there?