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  1. So when I get a text and I don't get to it right away I don't like to see the little envelope icon on the screen. I go to phone then cycle through to get to text messages and delete it. Can we change the order to have that first on the list under phone instead of the default, which is about 5th or 6th down the list?
  2. ELduder

    New wagon owner

    Thanks I am going to my buddy's garage tonight for a once over. I am sure there is nothing amiss since it feels and drives great.
  3. ELduder

    New wagon owner

    I had been looking for one for a while and saw one on Carmax that I wanted to get. So I pulled the trigger a bit sooner than I expected since my 08 Scion xB decided to die on the way home from camping Sunday. After 217k miles it had enough. So I had to buy the wagon a day early. Love the color and the features. I am planning on a new headunit since I want to use GPS and I don't want to do a mount for my phone. One of the nice things about the Scion was the center gauges gave you a nice spot to velcro the phone right in front of you. Carmax was great to deal with. Very straight forward I paid 200 to get it shipped from Chicago to Cincy. Set up an appointment went in to test drive it and noticed a bit of a spot on the passenger seat. They have a team of detailers there on staff so in about 30 minutes it was spotless. Car has 25k on it now and was a rental. I am taking it to my buddies garage tomorrow just to make sure nothing is weird. Carmax gives you 5 days to change your mind.