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  1. Having a bit of trouble with this rack attempt. The bars are just short enough that I cannot get the locking covers and the end caps both on. There is only room for one or the other! I cracked one end cap and one locking cover trying to push them both on. I will try to get a pic attached. I was hoping maybe Engineer, the original poster, could shed some light.
  2. Just bought a silver TC, 27k miles, with the 6 seats, to use as a handyman vehicle. Lots of fun so far, removed 2 seats. But 3 questions bugging me: 1. What is the black plastic plug in the roof, just behind the sunroof? (I also have a kind of UPC sticker still on the roof!) 2. No airflow coming out of dash board vent to the left of steering wheel. Is that common? 3. Button in dash below heater knobs with a P and an up arrow. Any idea what that controls? Actually a 4th question...the one post I made about the inexpensive roof racks....showed a long list of my profile stuff that I doubt many would want to read every time I make a post. How do I edit what shows and what doesn't? I couldn't see any choices, except maybe just delete that stuff from my profile? Cheers, Donzo
  3. Hope this hot tip for cross bars works! I am new here, but after much study...I ordered as 'engineer' described: the Thule rail kit from Amazon UK and the generic "Thule" footpack and bars. Total cost $136.... looks like a winner. I will let you know in a couple weeks. Thanks!