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  1. Hey, guys! Glad that I found this site. There's all kinds of great info here. I have a 15 Titanium that I got an awesome deal on and have done some camping in with seats flat. But I knew that something was missing. It was a no-brainer that by removing the seats I could gain at least 6" of headspace. r1alvin and Don Shockley, among others, have provided some great info which motivated me to do a more thorough build out. At this point, I've got the rear area stripped and ready for the flooring. Thinking of going with a dense foam for sound/heat barrier, then install .05 sanded plywood topped with adhesive vinyl flooring. Anyway, that's where I'm at for now. Any input and suggestions would be awesome. And I think it's worth mentioning, I'm on a tight budget. Who knows... I might become a permanent van dweller.
  2. Thanks a mil for the reply, Don. As you were replying, I was out removing the 2nd row and the mount plates. I also went ahead and removed both side door trim as well and the anchor attachments as well. I do plan on removing the rear carpet area and reinsulate with an adhesive type product. The next dilemma is how to protect the ductwork up front and maximize storage space. Maybe hinging that drop might prove efficient even though it does have undulations. I want to remove the seat belts but will have to research how to remove and reapply those rear side panels effectively. Perhaps there will be something on this forum. I shooting for the same floor plan as this short video series on Youtube: Any input you or anyone else might have will be great.
  3. huddy

    Remove rear seats from the wagon

    I'm converting my titanium to a camper van and interested in hearing about anyone else doing something similar. Ideas?
  4. Thanks for this post, Don. I'm currently doing the same thing to my 15 TC Titanium. I'm going to convert mine to a camper van. I removed the third row easily earlier this evening. The second row looks to be a bit more involved, but I'll tackle that tomorrow. My question is: can the seat latch bar for the second row be removed?