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  1. Keith Blume

    Wheel Size Question

    I'm in VA every year to visit my in-laws in Toano. I'd be glad to trade these 17s for some steelies for the winter
  2. This is what I gathered from the prior info. This fluid is specified for the 1.6 and 2.5 and no diesel mentioned. Just a hastily put together manual I guess. I'm glad about the filter since I have been doing the tranny cooler pump and measure and fill method for high mileage transmissions on Volvo's for awhile now with great success.
  3. 2014 TRANSIT CONNECT LWB Titanium Thank you for everyone who posted the information on drain and fill. I just ordered. 12 quarts of Motorcraft MERCON LV. but..... page 198 of the 2014 TRANSIT CONNECT Owners manual states under specifications....Materials Motorcraft Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid XT-11-QDC. but just above it it says use only MERCON LV in Transmissions that require MERCON LV. Someone just tell me I'm not hallucinating. Why would they list dual clutch fluid? Additionally it indicates to change the ATF fluid and filter during service. What is the most definitive source for specs?
  4. Keith Blume

    Wheel Size Question

    I already have these ones though. I would rather not duplicate the expenses. I have another 10 weeks before it snows here.
  5. Keith Blume

    Wheel Size Question

    If you want wider I just picked up a set of 2013 Escape rims that are 17 x 7.5J I am mostly interested in 16" steelies for the Cleveland winter I would trade straight up or even pay on top for the 16s
  6. Keith Blume

    Location of cabin air filters

    I used a potauto brand for the front filter and put in yesterday and I just received the oem Ford rear filter today and installed it. The rear cabin filter was held in a plastic cage and the plastic cage was held by one T20 torx at the rear. After removing the torx screw turn assembly counter clockwise a few degrees and it releases from floor. The part number I provided is more commonly known as FP75! You can see the effort the little fan must have experienced after 120K miles on the old filter. The dirt actually molded little cubes in the holes that fell out in solid pieces.
  7. Keith Blume

    Location of cabin air filters

    I love parts geek and they usually have a nice photo but in this case it was hard to know what was in the picture, the part number didn't match up and they were out of stock! Luckily I had Amazon points to use and didn't have to pay out for the filter. I just bought the Transit last night and it smells like patchouli and dog hair so hopefully this will do the trick.
  8. Keith Blume

    Location of cabin air filters

    DV6Z-19N619-A This is a cone shaped filter under the driver seat. I realize this is a late reply to the thread but I found it looking for the rear cabin air filter. The glove box filter is not for the rear air conditioning evaporator. If you look under the driver seat in this model you will see a very dirty cone shaped cover that appears to rotate a few degrees to loosen cover. I just ordered the element on Amazon for 26 bucks