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    Few interior questions

    Thanks for the info.
  2. I've had my '17 Transit Connect for about a year and have about 17,000 miles. My overall impression is mostly positive with many TC shortcomings. PROS: The quality seems to be good so far. It runs, drives and handles good for a vehicle this size. It's reasonably comfortable, although the plushness of the European seats could be much better. There are no rattles, squeaks or wind noise. It's easy to parallel park. The panoramic roof is a wonderful option. The engine doesn't use a drop of oil. CONS: The fuel tank is too small and reduces the range per fill. I almost get the impression the vehicle was designed for city driving and that interstate travel took a back seat. The low beam headlights reach out maybe 40 feet only. They light up well to the sides but distance is way too shallow. Maybe just a simple headlight aim adjustment is all that's needed. The high beams are unbelievably bright and work great. The voice activated navigation couldn't be worse! I absolutely HATE the pissing match that goes on between the TC's navigation and my Android phone when I try to charge it with the usb. I'm sure all vehicles with navigation suffer the same safety bs, but there is no reason my passenger shouldn't be able to enter a navigation address while the vehicle is moving. They could have enabled this function if the passenger seat airbag sensor senses a passenger. The second row seats don't appear to be adjustable forward and backwards as the first and third row? I wished that Ford had made the 2.5 with Ecoboost as the standard 2.5 just doesn't have enough power. I generally have to disable cruise control when going up hills because if I don't the tach jumps from 2K to 5K when it downshifts two gears. The transmission is slow to engage when shifting from park to drive. The proximity sensors on the front fenders just drives me crazy and I wished I could disable them.
  3. Cobrargc

    Few interior questions

    I've got a '17 Titanium TC. My wife and I stealth camp with our TC. We are planning a 10 day trip next month. On short trips we just fold the rear seats flat and put a full size mattress on top of the seats. This trip I'd like to remove the 2nd and 3rd row seats to allow more room. I have 2nd row buckets. Has anyone removed their seats? Any issues? Also the right rear window has some sort of grid attached to the window that's similar to what you see with electric defrost. What is this? Antenna for satilite radio, navigation?? Thanks
  4. Is there a setting on my '17 that allows the media player to sort through music per artist folders. When I created the music on my PC I had a folder for each artist that contained their music. I've had two other vehicle that allowed me to scroll from artist folder to artist folder. The Transit doesn't do this. Instead it seems to sort by info contained within each music file. Is this a set up issue or something else?
  5. Cobrargc

    Power Port Question

    Thanks for the help
  6. I'll have to check on this. Thanks
  7. My TC wasn't optioned with the tow package. I'm having the dealer install the OEM hitch. Generally vehicles equipped with a factory installed tow package also have an additional transmission cooler to handle the increased heat. Does anyone know if TC's have this cooler from the factory? Thanks in advance!
  8. Cobrargc

    Power Port Question

    Thanks for the help guys. I actually tried to download a PDF of the owners manual but was only able to see an abbreviated version in html. I'll know more about it when I pick it up Thursday.
  9. Cobrargc

    Power Port Question

    Thanks Don, but since the "How To" is to configure the ports to be active only when the ignition is on, does this mean the ports come from the factory with full time power. This is what I'm after. I want to be able to run a low power fan through the night without having the ignition switch turned to accessory.
  10. Cobrargc

    Power Port Question

    I haven't yet taken possession of my '17 TC. I'm wondering whether the 12V ports are under power without the ignition being on. My Caravan cuts the power after a short time. I was told it was configured this way for safety reasons. My wife and I use the Caravan, and soon the TC, to sleep in on overnight trips. In the warmer months we like to use a small fan while we sleep and are unavailable to do this when the port is tied to the switch. Perhaps being built in Europe the ports are under power 24/7. Does anyone have any info on this? Thanks
  11. We took an extended test drive up to Woodland Park to see how it would perform on steep grades. It went pretty well. This helped us make our decision to buy the TC. We had our son transfer in a TC from Oklahoma with the Titanium package and panoramic glass roof. I fly to Omaha next Thursday to pick it up and drive it back to Colorado. The dealer is installing the trailer tow package ahead of my arrival. The only thing I wanted and wasn't able to get is the 2nd row bench.
  12. Thanks for the info guys! I appreciate it and will keep you posted.
  13. Denver and Boulder are among a growing number that have smog checks. I'll be able to skirt the issue for a while but VW will be expecting owners to modify or buyback. They'll be under pressure to get all vehicles to fall under one of the two options. Is the TC designed more for city transportation? Ford markets the stripped down units for business owners and taxi's. The TC I drove recently was running about 2,500 RPM at 75 mph. I'm not sure what the powerband of the 2.5 liter is, but I wonder if it is struggling a bit at these speeds.
  14. No politics. I could care less about the emissions. When I see the black clouds of smoke belching out of a city bus, train, semi or construction equipment, I tend to think the TDI diesel is clean. There are a couple reasons I'm taking it back. VW is going to give me $500 less than I paid for it 4 1/2 years ago. I just can't pass up $22,785 for it. The Germans are still being tight lipped about how they can modify it to be emissions legal. They were supposed to let us know what the fix was on Jan 1. Not a word from VW and it's April. There's no doubt the car will ever be the same after the fix. My 48-52 mpg will be gone. All they say is mileage and performance will suffer. If I choose not to have it fixed, it will be just a matter of time before I will be unable to plate it due to not meeting emissions. I am so pissed over this BS scandal. My Jetta has only 21,300 miles on it and it may be destined for the crusher. I posted a photo on a TDI forum of a staging depot for the cars along I-25 south of Colorado Springs. There are thousands of the staged in rows. They're all probably going to the crusher. I couldn't even get VW to agree to sell me a new Passat diesel after it's been modified. Supposedly the '15 and newer are easier to emissions comply.
  15. Hello to everyone, I'm about a week away from surrendering my 2013 Jetta TDI due to the dieselgate scandal, so I'm shopping for a replacement vehicle. I absolutely love the power and mileage of my diesel. It appears the diesel market has dried up so I am looking elsewhere. My son works at a Ford dealership and I test drove a Transit Connect Titanium a couple days ago. I also have an '05 Dodge Grand Caravan so I am very familiar with this vehicle and considering a new one. I'd like to purchase a TC from my son, but I have many questions regarding the TC. The TC is European made and designed. From what I have read the vehicle is almost an enigma to dealerships here in the US. I get the impression they don't understand the vehicle, and or, they are difficult to work on. Has anyone else sensed this? Are folks still having issues with financing the TC due to misclassification as a commercial vehicle? I'm used to the power of a V-6 engine in a conventional minivan. The 2.5 I4 just seems like it would underpower the TC. I live near the mountains and will be using it for a lot of mountain traveling. I see a few of you live near the mountains. How is the TC working for you in the mountains and hills? I just want to avoid a vehicle that shifts up and down all the time. This is probably my biggest concern with the TC. What is the European build quality? I've owned many Fords over the years and have had good luck with them. This vehicle just doesn't give me the traditional Ford feel. Chrysler has the minivan down to a science and I know what to expect. Thanks in advance for any help.