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  1. The track came from https://www.cargoequipmentcorp.com
  2. Here are a couple of photos of the utility floor that I just finished building for my 2014 LWB Transit Connect. The floor is constructed from two sheets of 1/2" underlayment plywood (glued and screwed together) and covered with vinyl garage flooring. The floor can be easily removed. It is fastened down using 3/8" bolts at 6 points. I used three strips of L-track to allow for a variety of tie-down options for hauling motorcycles and other items. I plan to make a couple of cross bars with eye bolts at the ends to create tie down points near the walls of the van and past the edges of the plywood. The cross bar can be bolted to the L-track. I should be able get two motorcycles inside by using the cross bars for the tie downs and the outer L-track strips for the wheel chock. When carrying two motorcycles, the front wheel has to be turned toward the side doors to provide handlebar clearance.
  3. hdscarbro

    New Owner of 2014 TC XLC LWB Cargo Van

    Mostly a 1975 Yamaha TY175 trials bike. Haven't taken delivery of the van yet, so I haven't actually tried putting the bike in the van. Hopefully, it'll fit. :-). There are several inches to spare in length. Height and width are no problem. Planning to make a removable plywood fixture with a wheel chock and a strip of L-Track to secure the motorcycle.
  4. Purchased a 2014 TC XLC LWB Cargo Van today and am pretty excited. In the Boston area, there are lots of used Titanium & XLC Wagons for sale, but not many XLC cargo vans. I found two close to me. The one I purchased has 25K miles and (I think) an unusually lavish configuration for a former fleet van. It has the 1.6L Ecoboost, Navigation, remote start, backup camera, parking sensors, side windows ($4000 in options total). I plan to use the new van for transporting a motorcycle to events and occasional camping. I'm very happy to have found these forums. They were extremely helpful in getting up to speed before purchasing the van. David