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  1. Hi I'm from the UK and i have a Transit Connect Limited with pretty much all the toys DAB Radio, Heated seat, climate control, cruise control, heated front Screen, Sat Nav, Parking Sensors front and rear, Ford Reversing Camera, Electric heated mirrors, Alloy wheels I'm very Happy with my Van, the only thing that lets it down is the sound system, i just want it to sound clearer. what are the size of the door speakers and any recommendations on upgrades? i know the stereo itself will never be up there with the pro stuff but an improvement on the speakers has got to be the way to go All Advice welcome
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    Brake wear

    i got a 2014 connect and the wheels are black within a week because of brake dust, i changed the disc and pads but i noticed the sliding pins that hold the calipers on where dry as hell so i made sure i used copper grease on all the pins. basically when dry there is still contact on the pads causing excess dust, basically a tiny bind on the discs,its only a 2 year old van and ford never grease anything once i had done all the replacements and everything greased up the brakes are now spot on and brake dust is minimal because the when braking and releasing the pins now slide back enough not to contact the pads saving money in the future on premature brake and disc wear. and to top it off i painted the calipers silver and they look brand new.