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  1. montizano

    Welcome, montizano

    Just picked up a 2016 Connect SWB wagon XLT with ecoboost. Will use it as a family vehicle and MTB transporter. Liking it so far! -Monti
  2. It seems in Europe there is a compartment located under the visor above the instrument cluster. Looking at my (new swb ecoboost) 2016 connect it looks like the compartment is still there, but not accessible. Does anyone know how to "enable" this? thanks! Monti
  3. montizano

    WeatherTech vs Husky vs Ford Liners

    I'm interested as well. I don't mind paying that much as long as they are high quality (both material and fit). Anybody able to compare all three? -Monti
  4. montizano

    Anemic A/C?

    Looking at a 2016 connect swb wagon (with ecoboost). First really warm day of summer yesterday and found the AC had a hard time keeping up. Not just keeping the big box cold, but the air blowing out wasn't very cold. Didn't get to give it a long test but I'm worried that living in the DC area this might be a problem... Anybody else have a similar feeling? I don't need it to be ice box cold, but I would at least like the ability to not sweat in the summer... thanks, Monti