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  1. I'm not sure what the rules are, here is the craigslist post: https://cnj.craigslist.org/cto/d/bridgewater-2014-ford-transit-connect/6918729203.html This is my TC. I can make a full post here with images if that is preferred. I can send you a carfax if you are interested, or take specific pictures for you. Please, serious inquiries only.
  2. ralphjjr

    Fix Rear Interior Magnet

    Like jb weld?
  3. ralphjjr

    Fix Rear Interior Magnet

    I broke one of the magnets that holds the rear seat panels in place. I have no idea how it broke... probably one of my toolboxes caught it's edge and pried it up... Before I started engineering a fix I figured I'd ask to see if anyone has fixed this before.... or if there are any ideas. Maybe I can just get a whole new panel from Ford?
  4. ralphjjr

    2014+ TC Manual Conversion

    It's definitely a great car, it's a bummer that the turbo, manual model is not available here in the states. Perhaps Ford will see that there is a market for it here... although, I'd love a 4x4, manual transmission, turbo-diesel too... long wheel base tho - I need the extra room Seriously tho, I'm so blown away by your drive and progress. Can't wait till you can take it for a test drive.
  5. ralphjjr

    2014+ TC Manual Conversion

    subscribed!! It's great to see a fellow saabaru owner (tho I sold mine) with a TC, and accomplishing some amazing things. I was just joking with a friend about doing a swap with a 2017 Ford Focus RS, but that was just a pipe dream. You are definitely blazing a trail!
  6. Is there a specific part number for it? I'm going to look for those mounting points now - I was thinking of building something similar for my Titanium.