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  1. Dimitri

    Thump sound from the front

    i have a thump everytime i start drivinge or make a turn ...its weird ..iam going to the dealer
  2. Dimitri


  3. So true no fade control but I do have sound....who knows if there any secret programming to make it work
  4. Dimitri


    U can change out the front speakers as I'm doing also.....but I noticed when I press my bal./fade button I only get balance not fade But I removed the radio and tested an I do get voltage from the four extra outputs but I have no fade.....please test on your radio please let me know Just so u know the truck does not come wired for the rear speakers and also at the radio they are missing but not a big deal because if u look at the harness u can cut some of the plastic away and install the wires directly which iam planing to do but I don't have fade control which is weird But back to your question four speakers is doable but no sub without a amp ....
  5. Are the shelves still for sale?

    please let me know my email is as follows