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  1. SageTC

    Backup Camera Recommendations

    I took the quick and inexpensive route. Camera and display mirror were $80 from Fry's Electronics in California Camera is mounted to one of the license plate lamps. Mirror clips on over existing mirror. Only downside is mirror is so dark that it is only marginally useful as an actual rear view mirror when my rear windows are unobstructed.
  2. Hal, Thanks! I have ordered and received the set from Trevor. I'll be installing in the next week or so...
  3. SageTC

    An Alarming Trend?

    Looks like one may get up to $375 for upfit rack / bin packages even if not a ship through. I have just had an Adrian Steel system installed by a local authorized A.S. dealer. Dealer needed the invoice for the racks, showing the VIN and marked as paid. Dealer also needed a copy of my business license or sales tax license to provide proof of business. Evidently this offer is good up to 1 year post vehicle sale date. (Offer has been applied for. Check has not yet been received...)
  4. SageTC

    An Alarming Trend?

    MSRP on my XLT Van was 24,255.00 I paid $23,774 out the door before the $500 incentive was applied. I acquired mine through Costco's vehicle buyer program, which has the TC at $100 over invoice. Walked into my Ford dealer, showed them my Costco card. Closed the deal. (and my unit came with a full tank of gas.)
  5. SageTC

    Bluetooth Voice Commands

    Thanks for the clue! Undocumented in manual. "Phone" - "Cell Phone Call" and "Phone" - "Mobile Phone Call" both work for using the phone's voice activated features including dialing and directory. Works with my (increasingly rare Windows Mobile) Verizon Wireless XV6800.
  6. SageTC

    Another new owner!

    Just acquired a '10 Cargo XLT. Now the fun begins....