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  1. Review: 2010 Ford Transit Connect arrives ready for work FordTransitConnectForum.com - If there were one undeniable business lesson to be learned from the auto industry during the past decade, it's to keep a close eye on your sales and a closer eye on your capacity. As Ferrari executives have repeatedly said over the years, the supply of any model should always be exactly one less than the demand. Less supply and you're leaving money on the table, more and you've got unused capacity. This philosophy can be adapted to a wide array of businesses and is especially relevant to small businesses. Many small businesses need to deliver product or services to their customers. For many that operate locally, existing options like the Dodge Sprinter or Ford E-Series vans are simply too large, thirsty and unwieldy for their needs. Enter the Ford Transit Connect. Since being introduced last year in North America, an increasing number of businesses small and large have found the Transit Connect to be just the right size for their needs. We spent a week with a cargo van version to find out what it's like to live with. READ MORE HERE
  2. Boston approves use of Ford Transit Connect Taxis Ford Transit Connect Forum - Boston has become the first city to stamp its seal of approval on Ford Motor Co.'s newest taxi offering: the Ford Transit Connect. That paves the way for livery fleets in Bean Town to begin placing orders for the new taxi, which went on sale Monday. "We're very impressed with the Transit Connect," said Mark Cohen, director of the licensing division of Police Department. "It's the closest thing to a purpose-built vehicle for taxi use that I've seen in 25 years." Orders have already begun rolling in from the city for the Transit Connect, which Ford bills as the replacement for its venerable Crown Victoria. "We feel it is a very good opportunity for Ford," said Gerry Koss, fleet marketing manager for Ford in the United States. "We've been the leader in the taxi business for years. We understand the taxi industry. We know ... what their needs are." READ MORE HERE
  3. Canadian postal service chooses Ford Transit Connect to replace fleet FordTransitConnectForum.com - Ford announced that it has secured a crucial contract with the Canada Post that will replace its aging fleet of postal service delivery vehicles. Ford won the contract after an open request for proposal process. The United States Postal Service operates the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world with 260,000 vehicles – but for now, Ford will have to make due with securing a contract to provide delivery vehicles for Canada’s mail delivery service, Canada Post. Ford says Canada Post has ordered 1,175 Ford Transit Connect vans for the first year, making it the largest Transit Connect fleet sale in Canada to date. READ MORE HERE
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