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  1. Drifter

    Front Wheel Bearings

    I have a 2012 XLT with 200,00 miles and just replaced my 4th set of wheel beerings. This van has not hauled heavy loads but drive 350 miles 5 times a week. In the past two years i have spent over 8,000.00 on maintence and repairs. including complete suspension, rebuilt tranny at 140,000 miles, Used engine at 170.000 (Mine lost one cyclinder) when the engine was pulled the mechanic could not believe how clean it was inside. aqlways do oil changes at 4,000 miles. the expense are just too much. wish i could sell it but no takers
  2. Drifter

    Tune-up time overdue

    it takes under 30 minutes to change these plugs. they are right on top. 8MM socket for the bolt that hold the coilpack on and a sparkplug socket to remove the plug. i bought the new Irdiumn pluga at Oriellys for under 6.00 each
  3. Drifter

    Rough Idle code Misfire Cyl3

    My 2012 transit connect is running rough. It starts fine on high idle then when goes to low idle it drops to 750 rpm and runs real rough. My code reader says "Misfire Cylinder 3" I have changed plugs and put a new coilpack on cylinder 3 and does not help. the van runs fine on highway but idles bad when stopped. The van has 175000 miles and has been a maintence nightmare. Any suggestions???
  4. i have a 2012 xlt i drive 400 miles per day highway. i have 172.000 miles on it and have spent about 5,000 on repairs. three front wheel beerings, 2 front brake jobs, complete struts and bushings for sway bar, and a rebuilt tranny at 145,000 miles. i like driving it but i am really not saving anything over my E350 because of repair cost
  5. Drifter

    Wheel bearings (front)

    I have a 2012 transit with 165,000 miles i have done 5,500 dollars worth of maintence on it. Rebuilt tranny 145k miles three front wheel bearings and complete round of brakes and struts. the milage is nice but i dont svae enough to justify this van. i have had several e350 and they cost more to drive but a lot less maintnece.
  6. Drifter

    Bearings & Brakes

    I have a 2012 with 120,00 miles on it and have repalced three wheel bearings on it. 2 on right front and the left one once. One was under warranty the other two were 275.00 each. seems like a alot for 120,00 miles.