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  1. Looks like there's only a UK version of the Haynes for our Transits. Is it useful at all? I mostly want some tips for doing maintenance items like replacing a broken foglight.
  2. Rusty the Scoob

    Wheel arch moulding clips

    I know this is old but... fordparts.com seems to have just about everything, pretty well organized too.
  3. Rusty the Scoob

    TC Van BedRug Cargo Mat

    This was my factory rubber mat after just 6 months. The Bedrug looks a lot nicer. Not an exact fit, unfortunately, there are some serious gaps near the side doors, but overall I'm happy so far. This is the VRTC11.
  4. Rusty the Scoob

    BedRug Flooring Options

    Thank you! Did you get the rug or the vinyl?
  5. Rusty the Scoob

    BedRug Flooring Options

    To those of you who have had the BedRug liner for a while: how's it holding up? My stock liner is tearing to shreds after only 6 months.
  6. Rusty the Scoob

    Audio options ?

    As long as they're in phase with each other, it really makes no difference which is positive and negative, I think. Not 100% positive of that. Of course they'll be out of phase with the rears if you have rears. As far as the free wiring pigtails that Crutchfield sent me - they're awesome! They plug right in, no need to rewire anything or worry about polarity. It's especially nice on the fronts where they didn't give you much slack in the wiring.
  7. Rusty the Scoob

    Audio options ?

    Great posts, guys! Just to add a bit of info: In my 2011 the 9 Phillips head screws that Tugrik describes are T20 screws, which actually cuts down on the number of tools you need by one. Not all 5.25" speakers are created equal. I tried to put in a set of Polk DXi525 and the speaker baskets are the wrong shape - too wide to fit through the hole in the door. Bummer. On my passenger door, the speaker wires are blue and white, with blue being negative, white positive. You can tell by putting a few volts to your factory speaker using the wiring plug you almost certainly cut off from the factory harness in the door. I used a 9V battery and battery terminal. When you get the polarity right the speaker cone will jump out, away from the magnet, and when you get it backwards the cone will recede toward the magnet. The speaker wiring is 16 gauge, pretty beefy, actually, I expected 18g or less. Crutchfield is currently running a special on the Alpine SPS-510 speakers, buy one get one half off. Expires 2/25/12. Perfect for us wagon guys... I wouldn't have spent $90 on my rear speakers but I'll gladly spend $45. They also say they're sending "1999-up Ford Speaker Adapter Plugs", http://www.crutchfield.com/p_12071058/Ford-Speaker-Harnesses.html?tp=3097. I'll edit this post when they get here and let you all know if they're at all useful.
  8. Rusty the Scoob

    Pulled the trigger yesterday!

    Picking up my new baby tonight - 2011 dark blue XLT Premium Wagon. It'll be my daily driver when I'm not commuting by motorcycle, and I'll be using it to roadtrip to music gigs. (I'm a bass player, my GF is the keyboard player, and sometimes we bring our PA system). I plan to leave it stock other than wheels/tires when the stock ones wear out, and upgraded speakers front and rear. Can't wait!