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  1. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    HeyZeus, I still have my VUE. I decided i want a full size van, short wheelbase and windows. I'm just waiting for the right one. But for a trailer: I have a utility trailer and Trailer in a Bag. Google that. It's not for anyone and it's just for bikes, but the cool thing is it comes apart and stows in the back of my Vue. I keep it there during the riding season as my rescue vehicle. I bought mine used at a bargain price. Good luck, B209
  2. I've looked at almost every used FTC with in 50 miles of Vestal and higher milage ones are usually priced lower. If you are willing to travel and want a blue window van with rear seats there is one in Vestal at Mathews Planet Preowned. Low milage, like <10,000 (?). They say they are one price, but they have had it for 6 months and you might be able to deal. Biker209
  3. biker209

    Chevy takes a hand

    I was inside a NV200 and I liked it, but it can't tow. Too bad. Chevy can't either. I asked and they eventually replied, NO tow. B209
  4. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    Not just a few inches, the idiots lowered it 7 inches. Now it not only looks like every other minivan, it works about as well also. If they had kept the height and add the 17 inches in length i would have been able to fit my FJ1200, MRA screen and all, in the back. My XS650 fits. My problem is I've aged out. I went to work one day in my mid 40's and came home in my late 60's. I had a heck of a time getting the xxxx 650 up the ramp to test fit the LWB TC. I must be in denial. I still think I'll some how be able to push a bike up that ramp. So on the off chance I might, I'm still looking at vans. And smaller bikes. I'm planning on test riding a FZ-07 on Friday. I want to be able to go to rally's with the bike in the back and camp in the van. If they had kept the height I would have bought the first one I saw last spring and (almost) happily paid full MSRP. B209
  5. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    Thanks 103west43rd. B209
  6. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    Hi Mustang, 2300 at 72 mph is impressive if you want good mpg. Anybody know how that compares with the 2.0 and 4 speed in the older model?
  7. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    Thanks Mustang! Is that a long wheelbase van?
  8. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    Thanks Rich. As far as a bike, I saw a 395 pound FZ-07 today. Two actually, a red one and a black with blue frame and blue wheel accents. Also, I had a emotional moment with a SR400. We'll see. B-209
  9. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    So today I stopped by the local Ford dealership today and took a 2014 LWB Van for a test ride. I was impressed with the power over what I have, '03 VUE, and the older model TC. I like the way it handled. There was no swaying back and forth. There is too much wasted space in the dashboard area. So much so another term for dashboard is needed. I liked the space in back, except for the low ceiling... My test ride included stopping by my house, padding my 24 inch wide ramp to "do no harm", and rolling out my 1981 XS650H. Yes it will go in the back. Yes, I did have a difficult time the first time I put my 1972 650 in the back of my 1967 Dodge van. I remember it well. I thought "Now what did I get myself into?" But after a while it was easy and I didn't think about it. When I traveled (mid "70's) I'd unload and load several times a day. But today was different. I think my days of loading a 460 pound machine by myself are over. I might have to get a smaller (lighter) bike. And yes, I actually workout more now than I ever did then. At my age it's just to keep from losing what I have. Would I buy one? That is the $25,000 question. If I can't load the bike in the back do I need a LWB van? Do I even need a van? I think I do. After all I am a van guy. Thanks for all the help. Biker 209
  10. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    Thanks Willie. I'd like to go to 650 rallies with the bike in the back. Zepper fit his Race/track bike the his 2010, but our road bikes are longer; fenders, tail lights and license plate stuff. I plan on doing some van camping and I just have stuff to haul that makes a mess in my Vue. I have a Trailer in a Bag that I could use to drag my bike around, but I'd prefer to have the bike inside and not in the weather. I took my '80 XS650SG to Florida and also to Peoria Il. It didn't run right after either trip. Never had a problem when I carried a bike in a van. I've thought about a new Triumph Bonneville, nice bikes. Biker209
  11. biker209

    Fitting a Motorcycle in the back!

    The 650H is 46 inches with Daytona Touring Bars and bar end mirrors. At about 460 pounds I can still move it easily. I have pretty much given up on putting the 575 + pound, 52 inch tall FJ1200 into the back of anything. I'm hedging because of the money.The last time I spent so much I bought a two family house. So the upgrade to the 2014 is worth the $ ? Biker209
  12. I have been looking at TC's since 2010. I measured them and decided I wouldn't be able to fit my Yamaha XS650, or FJ, in the back so I have been waiting for Ford to make a LWB model. Ford finally made one, but lowered the roof by seven inches, and the door also. Now I'm not sure if I could even get one in the back. So I'm asking anyone who moves motorcycles: Does your bike fit in the back of SWB van? Can you get through the door of the 2014 TC with the lowered roof? Is the new larger motor and new transmission worth moving up to the 2014? I could save a grand getting the SWB and several with a leftover 2013 sitting a few towns over. Your help is appreciated, Looking to be a TC driver soon, Biker209 Had Pickups. I'm a Van guy. Have trailers, one in the back of my VUE. Looked at the NV200, but I've got to be able to tow. Can't put gas in a full sized Van... unless it or the gas is free. Yes I did post this question several years ago. And yes I saw Zepper's bike in the back of his 2012 TC. Forgive me please I'm old. So will the 2014 work as well?
  13. biker209

    Can I fit my FJ1200 in a TC?

    Thanks for the input. I'll search the pictures. Biker209
  14. biker209

    Can I fit my FJ1200 in a TC?

    Hello TC owners, I am a biker, motorcycles. I am looking for an economical way to haul one. When I sold my 1967 Dodge window van I thought what I really need is a front wheel drive, good on gas mini-type van to replace it. I have looked at everything and settled on ( a couple of) pick ups. I still want a van. When I saw the TC I thought, " this is what I have been waiting for.". I test drove it and I liked it. Here's he rub, it seems a foot too short. I believe I might be able to fit one of my small bikes, Yamaha XS650, with the front wheel between the front seats. But I need to fit the larger FJ1200, 88 -89 inches (depending on whose holding the other end). So are there any motorcycle bikers out there who have loaded their _________'s into their TC. Or some else's TC. I really want to buy one of these. It works for me on so many levels. Thanks for your input, Biker209