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  1. You were right on! Removed the taillight and the hose with two kinks was in the open. I straightened them out and the washers work fine. Thanks. That's what this forum is all about.
  2. The window washer tubing on the driver's side of my 2011 XLT is clogged or kinked. The passenger side works ok. I removed the tube where it enters the wiper and there is only a weak drip when I activate the washer. So I conclude my problem is upstream. My Ford dealer provided a parts diagram that shows there is a "T" in the tubing, but no clue where it is located. I suspect it is somewhere near the jack storage. Does anyone know there the "T" is located and how to get to it? Thanks
  3. robertmcclain


    I decided to try Turtlewax ICE on my TC. I know it's not wax, but according to my online research the synthetics are better at blocking UV and they last longer. A big advantage, for me, is that ICE goes on clear and stays clear. So it works on black plastic just as well as Back To Black. Another big advantage -- it took less than two hours to apply and buff ICE. I also use Simple Green on my engines. A 50/50 mix works great.
  4. Does anyone know how to remove the rear speaker covers in a 2011 XLT wagon? I mean the speakers that are mounted near the roof? It looks like they snap on and off, but I don't want to start prying on them and do damage. When I get the covers off the next step will be to shop for better speakers with some bass.
  5. robertmcclain

    Plastic Exterior Trim Care

    I have been using Turtle Wax ICE on the entire vehicle including the plastic trim. It doesn't discolor the plastic because there is no white residue. It seems to be doing a good protection job -- so far. I need to add that I am not normally a fan of liquid waxes, but according to several reviews, the liquids last almost twice as long as carnuba paste wax and it provides better UV protection.
  6. I just got my daylight relay from the Ford dealer today. As others have mentioned, all you have to do is plug it into the "C" slot in the relay box. Both the owner's manual and the diagram on the top inside of the box show you where it is. The guys at Ford parts had no clue you could do this.
  7. robertmcclain

    Rear Window Rattle

    Ford calls them "flip open third row windows".
  8. The rear wing windows in my XLT rattled profusely when open. I discovered that all of the screws attaching the glass to the latches were loose, including the brackets that attach to the window frame. Some prudent tightening reduced the rattle quite a bit, except when driving over the big Ohio potholes. Is there any way to eliminate the rattles altogether?