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    Tow Hitch Lighting hook up

    I also used the Curt wiring loom kit and had no problems, either with parts or installation. Richard
  2. I ordered the kit and took about an hour to install. Not simple yet well within the realm of most DIY novices. Everything worked as per claims and I`d say overall quality was excellent. I repeat, everything worked from the get-go with no problems. Richard
  3. Here I am again. Yes there are receiver hitches available for Transits, you might as well get a class 111 hitch as it gives you a great choice of accessories to choose from, not to mention heavier duty components and construction. Remember though, the hitch will easily do 3500 lbs, but the vehicle would split at her seams, so don`t try it! There are a few things one can do to help the longevity of our Transits when towing light to moderate loads, such as: Changing Tranny fluid and filter more than regularly, clean effective fluid grabs better and cools better. Excessively hot tranny fluid is a big cause of breakdowns and a Transmission cooler would go a long ways towards alleviating this problem. Keep the tires pumped up. remember Red Green, we`re all in this together!!!! Richard
  4. I feel that one must take towing with a Transit somewhat conservatively, meaning things like a gross trailer weight of 1500-1800 lbs. also, as already noted, keeping the trans. out of overdrive with the possible exception of downhills. Reason for all this conserving is that the motor and transaxle assy. are Focus products and though of good quality still a light passenger car unit. We really are talking about what kind of life should be had while towing with our Transits and my many years of automotive repair and parts tells me that driven prudently this vehicle will go a long ways, towing or not! I think that FORD is fearful of customers loading excessively, towing ridiculous trailer weights, and resulting in breaking drive train components, engines, brakes, wheel bearings, etc. etc. The last thing Ford needs is this great design to garner a rep. for being a lemon, even if caused by a handful of not very knowledgeable owners. Richard
  5. There is a towing wiring harness assy. avail from CURT through e-trailer.com They claim no cutting and easy install, even an Adobe how to install:it Connect Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring Code: 56090 Retail:$103.52 Price:$64.95 Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds Shipping Special * Orders of $150 qualify for free shipping. * Lowest Price Pledge Quantity: Shopping Cart is Empty 56090 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 56090 Installation instructions Curt Circuit Protected T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness w/ 4 Pole Connector - Ford Transit - 2010 Ford Transit Connect Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness * Provides a 4-pole flat trailer connector for the Ford Transit Connect * Installs quickly and easily - simply plugs in to factory connectors o Does not require cutting or splicing * Connector has a built-in circuit-protected powered converter o Protects itself and the tow Ford Transit Connect against harmful electrical shorts and mis-wire situations o Powered converter draws power for the trailer lights directly from the Ford Transit Connect battery, by-passing expensive electrical components on the Ford Transit Connect. * Includes installation instructions Can be used with 5-pole, 6-pole or 7-pole adapters. Tech Tip: It is always a good idea to apply a small amount of grease to all electrical connections to help prevent corrosion