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Backup / reverse problem

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My 5-day old 2012 TC Wagon had a problem when I put into in reverse. The engine kept running but it did not back up (it was like it was in Neutral). I could go forward. Tried restarting a couple of times. Buddy got in and tried. No luck. The lever had no problem changing between gears.

I was able to do a very tight turn circle and get back home. The problem did not re-occur. Took it to dealer; they could not re-create or find problem. They said get it towed to dealership next time.

Have been driving for another 5 days now with no problems. It's a little worrying every time that I park now. I have to think that a two truck may have to be able to get me out :(

Anyone heard of this issue or have any ideas how it could be solved?


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Hello, never had this happen to my TC. But it happened to me once in my 2008 Ford Focus when it was new . I beleave it is the same engine and automatic transmission.Only happened once and never happened again. Must be a fluke thing. Hope this helps. Tranzy.

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