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Upgrading speakers v amp in 2012 Transit

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I want to upgrade my audio system in my 2012 Ford Transit Connect. I've been doing some reading on the topic. I have read that, yes the easiest way to upgrade your sound is to upgrade the speakers in your car. But if the factory amp is too weak to power the speakers it could damage them and the sound will still be crappy. Does anyone know more about this or have direct experience in upgrading the stereo in their van? Is the factory amp strong enough to just throw some new speakers in there? I was going to buy middle of the road speakers with between 40-70 watts RMS.


Thank you!

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Posted (edited)

The best result comes from upgrading the speakers and seriously sound insulating door frame/outer sheet. This will make the biggest difference without providing you with any increase in sound volume. There's no point of doing it without insulation.


Adding an amp will make major difference, adding punch to the upgraded speakers. The 130 mm OEM size will put a limit to the sound level and bass response. This is where an underseat sub comes in. And so on.

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