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Alarm / Remote Start

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Has anyone added an alarm system and remote start to their TC?

I have a 2012 XLT Premium Wagon and am thinking about a system by Viper.

I want to make sure these systems can bypass the Ford built in security which requires their keyfob to be present.

I like the viper system that uses a smart phone for the remote start. This way I don't need another remote,

in addition to the huge fob already on the key. Has anyone tried that?


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I had a shop install a remote start. It cost 230$. came with 2 fobs. I dont know the brand name..

I press the * button .. 1 mississippi and again.... it starts.. the doors lock and the running lights come on..

NOW.. the Ford key/remote wont work. When I walk up to it, I have to use the new remote start fob to unlock the doors as the Ford one will not do it.. But that's ok...

Get in, stick in the key, turn it on, tap the brake pedal.. lights go out and all is normal.

Now I pull into the C-Store for morning coffee...

Put it in park.. leave it running.. press * twice on the new fob.... lights come on..

turn the key off and take it out.. TC is still running...

Get out.. close the door.. press lock on the new fob.. the doors lock and the Ford Key/ is disabled again..

Come back to the vehicle.. press unlock on the new fob.. unlocks.. get in.. insert key.. turn it on and drive away while toasty warm inside! I love it.

good luck

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OK - I am an avid cyclist with my son and bought the TC for the purpose of transporting our bikes inside the vehicle. I need a two-way alarm system and want the remote start too for cold days.

I have installed six of these (Immobilizer ByPass modules)in the past few years for remote start and/or alarms. I am not an expert, but I now seem to know a LOT more than the local shops. Also I have done about two weeks research on this for my new 2012 XLT Wagon Premium - The local Ford dealer offers the one button Ford OEM remote start for the TC for a price of $599 installed, but remember I want a two way alarm too.

The typical "BEST" solution for all other US Ford vehicles is to use http://www.xpresskit.com/'>http://www.xpresskit.com/ - this is a direct plug in for all DEI (Viper - Python - Hornet - Avital) alarms/remote start.
THIS WILL NOT WORK ON THE TRANSIT CONNECT (Yet - they say they are working on it when I called) - UPDATE the xpresskit will work fine with the 2012 and 2013 models with the instructions laid out for the 2011 models.

The ONLY solution I have found is http://www.idatalink.com/'>http://www.idatalink.com/ which states that is works on our vehicle. I know these modules work well with the AutoPage brand of Alarms/Remote as there is a direct link on the AutoPage site - http://www.autopageusa.com/t_inside.cfm?action=products&catID=1011&prodID=1a6c2ab3-8461-4871-bb9d-2888ed1c3fcf'>http://www.autopageu...9d-2888ed1c3fcf

I also spoke to a few local installers and no one here is able to recommend AutoPage alarms and the only dealers who have them listed said there are supply issues and one said the company is restructuring (not good) so I am seriously considering going with the Code Alarm that should link to the idatalink module via the serial bus. Additional Note:idatalink also will interface with the DEI products listed above, but not as cleanly.

I may actually have a shop install it as I refuse to face the issue listed above where the original key/remote will not work and will have them remove it if it disables that functionality.

FWIW - my 2007 Civic has the Viper 5301 two way remote start alarm installed and I leave the extra remote at home inside to start the vehicle and only carry it with me on cycling trips. The OEM key/remote opens and disables the Viper and also locks and enables it just fine. I also could flash the firmware and enable the OEM key remote start too by holding the button on the key as described above - This is the best of both worlds and I want it on my TC.

I will update with pictures and results once I make a final decision.

Hope this helps anyone else looking for a DIY or aftermarket solution

UPDATE - Alarm Installed - no pics as phone broke

I had the Avital two way system installed locally with both the idatalink and the Viper/DEI Smart Start and I am MOSTLY happy with the results. The alarm and smart start works great, but the rear door does not unlock by via the new remote. My plan was to get a basic key without the remote on it and just use the alarm remote, but I cant until I either tie the rear door into the other central unlocking, or get the installers to add the wire for the rear door. The Smart Start is a cool feature as I can lock my keys into the TC and cycle away with just carrying my phone and NO keys or remotes with me. It will also geo-locate the TC with a feature allowing me to always find my way back to the vehicle. Very Cool.

If you do decide to get the Smart Start system installed, be sure to call you auto insurance company and let them know (if you get the GPS model) and you should receive the same discount as if you had a LoJack system. I have USAA and the discount is $30 per year ($15 per renewal) and the service is only $60 per year so it covers half of my service fees.

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I have the factory remote start installed and neither the unlock buttons on the key nor the FORD wireless entry pad will unlock the vehicle when it has been started remotely. You must use the key to unlock the door. Dunno if this info helps you make a decision but here you go.


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I just bought a used 2013 cargo xlt TC and it came with a single button remote start fob. No manual but using the model # of the remote start fob figured out its a Python model 4111P.


Found the manual online (but the manufacturer name isn't python). Pythons site has the remote start but they didn't have the manual online there.

Anyway, if I use the remote start my door won't unlock with the ford key fob either. Had to use the key...until I found that remote manual and read up on its features. Just press the remote fob and it will unlock the door. Or...hold the button for a few seconds and I think it will turn the vehicle off.

BTW this basic remote start has some nice features. You can change how long the engine will run, whether the lights come on, etc. First remote start I ever owned and I love it! Just have to remember to turn my wipers off and heat and defrost on before I get out of my TC at night so its ready to warm up and my frozen wipers aren't trying to work.

I would like to add an alarm to my TC. Are you saying there are alarms that plug into the remote start to work? The python site says this remote start is compatible with SmartStart phone app and module but I don't know if that features a alarm or two way alarm?

Hmmmm....I wonder if my remote start already has this module? How can I find out? Maybe I'll download the app and see if it has a linking feature. There is a small black rectangular box at the top of the windshield behind the mirror. Is this a GPS antenna for tracking your vehicle via the app? I guess it could be just the remote start antenna but I doubt it would need one that big? I don't have satellite radio so I know its not for that anyway.

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