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2019 Hotspot Password/TCU location/Manual Reset?

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Have a brand new 2019 TC for work. It came with the hotspot and 4" screen.  All is working fine, blue tooth, phone, ford pass etc..remote start etc etc...HOWEVER, the hotspot came with an already SET password.  I have a called Sync support, googled my butt off, setup two appointments with two different ford dealerships, and for some reason, they can NOT reset the password.  I even showed them this TSB? link which relates to my issue....was wondering if there was a WAY to RESET or clear the password manually? Or if there is a DEFAULT password? Is it maybe the last 8 of the VIN? Or the IMEI (if i can find the module)? I have tried the ESN as a password too....


My SYNC isn't really a sync, but has basic features...phone, bluetooth, connectivity...


Here's the link I showed BOTH the dealers...



Attaching some pics, since my I do NOT have a wifi menu....and I have ALSO done a master reset off the panel....


Any ideas how to approach this so I can use my hotspot on my vehicle?


Happy Easter and stay safe in these unique times...







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I have exact same problem been onto ford too nothing can’t find it anywhere HELP please as ford dealers don’t have a clue 

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Hi was wondering if you ever got this sorted as I have exact same issue and have still not been able to solve so can’t use hotspot 

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