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2006 I.8 tddi t220lx no turbo power

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Hi everyone I'm having a problem with van and looking for a bit of help . The van is starting different from normally and not as lively and eager to start also it's ultra sluggish like no turbo power even though I can here it while driving  van drives just no power, no smoke 140000miles I had a drive shaft and inner cv done at garage last week and a fresh mot . Parked it up and next day noticed it was slow .it will rev right out in neutral though taking it much longer than usual I've had a quick look at hoses and can't see anything obvious except when you rev the van the left hand below (drivers side)on intercooler is bulging and the other one is not , has anyone else had this 

Thanks in advance 


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Living in US I do not have first hand experience   of your TC Model. I will hazard a guess the hoses for the turbo to inter cooler were most likely moved for the Half shaft work if you have a bulging hose there is a restriction.  Check there first keep us in the loop 

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