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adding power folding mirrors to my connect

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Hi all,


i am trying to upgrade my transit connect and have already added cruise control thanks to this forum. My next task is to add power folding mirrors to it. It currently has electrically adjustable mirrors but they do not fold.

I have found aftermarket mirrors available but my van has 5 wires in the plug and the power folds require 6.

Has anyone ever tried this and do i just need a new door wiring loom?

Any wiring diagrams or information would be great as there are no repair manuals for this generation in the uk yet.


link below is to the mirrors





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Hi Eggman,

did you ever get anywhere with regards to the retro fit of Power folding door mirrors ?

i want to fit a couple to my 2014 model but it doesn’t seem to be simple ... any help would be 😀appreciated 


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