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Hi all, new to the forum. I've got a 2010 Transit Connect that I did a custom camperization on. I'm having a bit of a new problem with the driver's door lock that I can't figure out. Here are the symptoms:

  • Can't lock by pressing the tab inside the driver's door (tab won't budge)
  • Can't lock by key fob (all other doors lock)
  • Won't auto-lock when put into drive (all other doors lock)
  • Can lock by turning the key in the lock, but with great resistance (afraid I'll snap the key)
  • Can lock by holding the tab down at the same time at the key fob locks the doors


I've tried lubing the lock with no avail. 


Any suggestions? Also, here's a photo of the camperization for those interested.


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After pulling the lock out and taking it apart, I figured out the problem.


One of the nylon teeth had broken on two of the gears in the power lock actuator. This caused the gears to become misaligned which caused the resistance with the interior locking tab and the key, and stopped the lock from functioning.


A $15 replacement gear set from ebay fixed it rather than a new $520 actuator!

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