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And now for something completely different...      Our 2012 TC Cargo has had it's right rear brake lamp go out.  All other lights work, as do all of the left rear lamps.   The bulb tested OK, but replaced it with new anyway.   Still no joy when pedal depressed.   Put the VOM on it, and no 12V to the socket.   Reseated the wiring harness connector (inside was clean and not corroded), no joy.   No evident cable or wiring abrasion.     And as I said, the left side is perfectly happy.    Anyone else seen this behavior?   Would love to have a full schematic to follow where the voltage drops off from the switch to whatever to the rear right lamp assembly.   Thank you in advance to anyone with ideas.

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You might double-check for a ground issue on that side. I haven't seen the wiring in a gen 1, but my gen 2 has ground screws where the wiring connectors are in the back of the van. I'm also wondering if there might be a separate fuse for each side, too? Those are easy to check, lol. 

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