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2010 XLT mini cargo Power Steering

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158K miles.  Recent slow leak, loss of power steering (PSA) assist.  I replaced OEM pump w a remanu O'Reilly's pump, new rings and seals.  Remanu has v loud whine and slightly restored PSA.  After 400mi, my mech replaced oem rack N pinion w O'Reillyremanu.  Loud whine and reduced PSA continue. Plus occasional foam in reservoir after 10+ mi drives.  I'm currently having remanu (Loud whiny) pump w a used OEM pump, installing new O'Reilly Hi-pressure line, new seals, new pressure switch, fluid by local mech w 15y experience.  Orig OEM return line remains in place. Stay tuned.

FYI: was told load whine is common w non-OEM pumps. 

Anybody know if this is true?  Or can offer tips. Thx

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