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  1. 2010 FTC XLT Mini cargo w 158k. the Chk engine came on w Mild hesitation. Scanner reported MAP and Low Reference Voltage faults. Replaced MAP and MAF sensors. Wiggled those plus O2 connectors and wiring. Cleared codes and then it ran ok for 25mi. Chk engine came back on w same codes. Plus PCM fault too. Any troubleshooting tips? Thx
  2. 2010 XLT MCV 158K mi. Bought used. F suspension v noisy, bouncy. Replaced orig OEM struts w new eBay struts. Disastrous results. Worked one week, then symptoms worse than orig struts. EBay replaced w new set, but same result. Orig OEM struts put back on until i can afford OEM $800 struts. Tip: do not buy bargain struts on eBay for this FTC. care to share your experience, recommendations? thx, Bob
  3. 158K miles. Recent slow leak, loss of power steering (PSA) assist. I replaced OEM pump w a remanu O'Reilly's pump, new rings and seals. Remanu has v loud whine and slightly restored PSA. After 400mi, my mech replaced oem rack N pinion w O'Reillyremanu. Loud whine and reduced PSA continue. Plus occasional foam in reservoir after 10+ mi drives. I'm currently having remanu (Loud whiny) pump w a used OEM pump, installing new O'Reilly Hi-pressure line, new seals, new pressure switch, fluid by local mech w 15y experience. Orig OEM return line remains in place. Stay tuned. FYI: was told load whine is common w non-OEM pumps. Anybody know if this is true? Or can offer tips. Thx
  4. BobbyD

    2011 burning smell from under the hood

    Hmmm. got same prob on used 2010 i just bought. will troubleshoot and post my findings. i can smell oil thru vent fan. 157k mi. so replacing bell gasket first. otherwise ok, no overheating or noticable loss of oil, drips, etc.
  5. $55 replacement on Ebay. but i fully dissambled and soaked mine in "tuner cleaner". worked a while. 2nd attempt and closer look revealled poor design. Switching contacts simply wear oxidize and wear down. used wire brush, and gently bent toggle mechanism downward a tiny bit. Been working AOK for months. good luck.
  6. BobbyD

    fix your broken armrest

    Bought used 2010. Clearly prior owner leaned heavily and broke pawl. junk yard wants $$$ for seat backplate, all for a crappy arm rest. instead, im modifying a HD ham radio antenna mount with 180° vert and 120° horiz play w firm lockdown. under $20. attach up to a 4" wide, cut to length 1/8" hammer plate (will never bend). then top off w wide selection of eBay armrest, center console padded cushion or make one for little $. Your DIY srmrest sttaches to cargo divider. easily detaches too. Ebay and YouTube solve everything.😁