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GEN1 Spark Plug

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In the days of Yore & YesterYear, 5150 had more hair on his head, donned a Members Only jacket as his daily apparel, and drove a 5.0.  


5150 no longer has hair on his head, a Members Only jacket, or the 5.0.  


5150 still has 16 spark plugs, brand new in the box, for the 5.0.  The spark plugs are also used on the 1st generation Transit Connect.  If anyone wants them, they are yours.  Make me an offer.  


These are AutoLite XP104.  Yes.  I know.  All the talk of using only MotorCraft parts.  Especially ignition parts.  I can tell you that I got these on sale, and there was a rebate.  Now, I don't remember how cheap they were.  But I do remember that is why I bought 2 dozen (like eggs).  Current pricing is about $5 a plug.  So I probably got them for a lot less.   The 8 I installed ran flawlessly.  No problems what-so-ever in the 5.0.  I'm not saying that there was any advantage, or power gain, or increased mileage.  I am just saying that they worked.  No misfires.  


Keep in mind that I am not a store.  You don't get a receipt.  You don't get a warranty from me.  I'm just a guy who has extra parts I can't use.  




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