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Fog light replacement

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Sorry folks did a search and found nothing. Has anyone replaced the fog lights? Any info would be very much appreciated.


Best, Jon

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I did.  After a fender bender on our 2012 iMiEV I discovered that the fog lights on the EV were identical to the ones on our '14 TC, except they have a built-in DRL bulb and since I wanted DRL's on the TC and I already had one of the fog fixtures from the EV, I bought another one on eBay and installed them on the TC with a LED bulb in the DRL socket.  I had to add the wiring for the DRL's and hooked them to an unused fuse socket on the engine fuse panel  -  The DRL's are on all the time the engine is running


There are all sorts of fog/DRL fixtures which will fit the Gen2 TC's as they are the same physical form as several other cars.  You can get some with the LED halo rings and some other pretty neat ones too.  Not very expensive, less than $100 per pair for most of them, once you know what you're looking for.  If you remove one of your OEM fixtures and have it in your hand while you're shopping, it will be pretty evident which ones fit and which ones don't



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